Essay on Travelling as a Part of Education for Students

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Essay on Travelling as a Part of Education for Students

People travel for different purposes. They travel to see different places or meet kinds of people. They travel for business or for religious reasons. They travel for pleasure. While travelling serves the traveller in all this, there is another great use of travel which is not generally acknowledged, namely, its educative value.

“Travelling in the young is a part of education, in the old, a part of the experience”, says Bacon. Some may think otherwise. To them, the time and money spent in visiting various places is a waste. They may further feel that one can read an account of these or see them in films. However, travelling has many practical benefits.

Travelling gives us first-hand information about places, persons and things. We can learn about the local customs, language and culture. It broadens our- outlook and cultivates a spirit of tolerance. Travelling promotes a spirit of brotherhood and fellowship. Lack of communication among The people of different regions is the main cause for their misunderstanding and disputes. A traveller sees life at close quarters and has a better understanding of the affairs of the world.

Travelling is thus a wonderful experience. For these reasons, most the universities in the western countries have made travelling a part of their educational Curriculum. In our country, too educational tours are often organized by the schools and colleges. travel is to see and to see is to know.


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