Conversation between Teacher and Student about Online Classes

Question- Write a Conversation between Teacher and Student about Online Classes


Answer– Dialogue between Teacher and Student about Online Classes ( the pros and cons of online classes )


The study material for students- Conversation between teacher and student about online classes

Teacher: Good afternoon Erica.

Student: Good afternoon ma’am.

Teacher: Erica today we are here to discuss the pros and cons of online classes.

Student: ok ma’am.

Teacher: So Erica, from the past year during the COVID-19 pandemic you have been studying via online classes, so would you like to tell me about the various difficulties you faced in that scenario.

Student: Actually ma’am there were not many difficulties I came across, but the network issues always troubled me. Many times it happened that during a lecture I lost connectivity, as a consequence of which I missed some parts of my lessons.

Teacher: Oh I see. Any other issues apart from the connectivity.

Student: Yes, according to me sometimes online classes lack discipline. Many times we students used to turn off the cameras to stay in our comfort zone. Not just that, sometimes I also used to skip my classes whenever I did not feel like studying. This had a bad impact on my studies. However, this drawback eventually turned out to be positive for me.

Teacher: Oh, in what way?

Student: It gave me some self-control and self-discipline. After realising that all this would have a negative impact on my studies, I started being more self-disciplined. I used to study on time and stopped skipping classes.

Teacher: That’s nice. Whenever we start doing something in a different way it always happens that we face some problems, but in the end, it is how one manages things to bring positive outcomes.

Student: Yes ma’am and this experience will prove to be helpful for me in the future.

Teacher: That’s good to hear that you learned a lot from the online class experience.
Very good!

Student: Thank you, ma’am.


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