Useful Tips & Strategies to score high in PTE Read Aloud

Here we are providing the best and useful tips for Read Aloud. It came under the Speaking section in PTE academic exam. Apart from this task, speaking section has 4 task Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Answer Short Question and Re-tell Lecture. Further, we will give you some useful tips and tricks for Read Aloud which will helps the test takers to score high. You have to follow these easy strategies to be perfect for this task.

Useful Tips, Tricks & Strategies to score in PTE Academic Speaking Read Aloud

Strategies To score high in Speaking Section Read Aloud Task

1. Time Management- You have 30-40 seconds before the recording start. Use 30-40 seconds to read the given content. This will helps you to pronounce or speak effectively the hard words, by rehearsing before recording starts.

2. How To Speak- In this task, test makers want to assess the fluency, flow and pronunciation of the aspirant, so keep your voice audible and clear. Don’t skip full stops and commas, take a small pause while completing a sentence.

3 Fluency– In this task, your flow of peaking matters a lot. The fluency of the test taker plays a very important role to score high. So at first, try to speak fluently in Read Aloud task.

4. Practice– Before the exam student should practice properly. We know practice makes man perfect, so stick to this phrase. Read newspapers and journals as much as u can. Also, record your voice while reading. This will helps you to overcome your error or mistakes which you commit while this task.

PTE Read Aloud Tips & Tricks-

1. Keep your volume normal while speaking

2. If you pronounce wrongly don’t stop, continue speaking

3. keep good flow while speaking

4. Special Stress on keywords

5. Take small pause after completing sentence

6. Don’t rush while speaking

7. Don’t omit any words while speaking

8. Don’t take pause more than 3 seconds, microphone will stop after 3 seconds pause

9. Choose difficult paragraph while practising which have hard words to pronounce

10. Speak properly specially Plurals word- Ex- boat and boats- Don’t skip ‘s’

Use these tips and strategies to score high in PTE Academic exam. Check out these PTE Read Aloud practice samples

PTE Academic Speaking Read Aloud Practice Sample 1

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