PTE Reorder Paragraph Tips & Tricks to score High in PTE Exam

In this article, we are providing useful Reorder Paragraphs PTE tips. By following these tips and tricks you will easily solve the Reorder Paragraph task in the exam.

PTE Reorder Paragraph Tips & Tricks

1. Read carefully all sentence, most of the aspirants make mistakes while reading. By reading carefully you will get the basic idea of the paragraph. This will help you to find the first line of the paragraph.

2. Use of any pronouns will help you to find out the order of the paragraph like Them, she, he, it, they. These words are always used secondary lines of the paragraph.

3. Like pronouns, conjunction also helps you to find out the logical order. Examples So on, Therefore, after that, moreover, furthermore.

4. There is always a word which will show the sequence and logical order such as in the end, finally, at the end, dates & years.

5. Connectors or transition words are very important in reorder paragraph if you figure out these words – then you can easily find out the sequence of the paragraph.

6. Time management is one of the most important aspects of Re-Order paragraph. Don’t spend more than 2 minutes to read or skim the given sentences.


– Find out the main idea of the paragraph
– Starting sentence is always an independent sentence
– Follow the sequence of noun and pronoun
– The first sentence always have basic idea of paragraph
– If any dates given use them for proper sequence
– Find out the transition word like Therefore, after that, moreover, but etc
– Look out the sentence flow
– Use grammar hints, which connect sentences
– Practice mock test before exam

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