Useful PTE Listening Tips & Tricks to score High in PTE Exam

The following PTE Listening Tips will help you to score well in the listening section. PTE Listening section consists of questions that are based on audio or video clips which play automatically. You hear each audio or video clip only once so listen carefully. You can make notes while recording. You can adjust the volume for your convenience.

Types of questions that you need to face during the PTE Listening test are as follows with quick tips.

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Useful PTE Listening Tips & Tricks to score High in PTE Exam

1. Summarize spoken text: An audio clip will be played for 60-90 seconds and you’ll have to write a complete summary of the same in 50-70 words.

Quick Summarize spoken text tips:

a) Do not exceed the 50-70 word limit.
b) Write down the keywords in the notepad to build up a good summary.
c) You can start by saying “According to the speaker” or “The speaker said”
d) For better concentration, you can close your eyes.

2. Multiple choices, Single or multiple answers: An audio clip will be played and based on that clip you’ll have to choose more than one option that you think matches the audio clip. You need to choose all the options that according to you match the audio clip.

Quick Multiple choices Tips:

a) Only answer if you’re confident, as this question has negative marking.
b) You must read the provided questions before the audio starts, to make it easier for you to answer it later.

3. Highlight correct summary: In the highlight correct summary type question an audio clip will be played related to a paragraph that will be present in the options. You’ll have to select the paragraph that best summarizes the audio clip.

Quick Highlight correct summary tips:

a) Carefully understand the theme and the message given by the speaker.
b) You can also use the elimination method by eliminating the paragraphs with least spoken words to narrow the options.

4. Fill in the blanks: You’ll be provided with a transcript on your screen with some blanks to be filled by you. An audio clip will be played for the same transcript. You need to type the missing words as you hear the audio.

Quick Fill in the blanks Tips:

a) Take notes on the provided notepad, to make sure you won’t miss any word.
b) Listen to the audio carefully and determine the noun e.t.c.

5. Select missing word: An audio clip will be played with a “beep” sound in it, you’ll have to select the most suitable option that fits the “beep”

Quick Select missing word Tips:

a) Listen the first half of the audio carefully to get an idea about the topic and how it will end.

6. Highlight incorrect words: A transcript will be displayed on your screen, and an audio clip will be played for the same transcript. You’ll have to identify and select the words that are different for the words in the audio clip.

Quick Highlight incorrect words Tips:

a) You must review your answer before submitting so that you can figure out if you’ve missed something.
b) Don’t double-click the word as it’ll unselect the same and you’ll lose marks, so only click once.
c) This part has negative marking, so answer carefully

7. Write from dictation: A sentence will be played in the audio clip. You’ll have to type the sentence with the exact words from the audio clip.

Quick Write from dictation Tips:

a) It is advisable to write the sentence directly on the screen in order to save time.
b) You must check the spellings, noun, punctuation e.t.c.

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