Summarize Written Text Tips & Strategies to score high in PTE Exam

PTE Summarize Written Text tips, strategies and tricks– In PTE Academic exam Summarize Written Text is a part of Writing Section. In this type of question, you have to write a summary of given paragraph within 10 minutes. The answer should be in single sentence with the word limit of 5 to 75 words. You have to make sure to cover the main idea in this single sentence.

The main motive of the summarize written text to write the main points of the given passage in one sentence. We can say- expressing the main idea of a paragraph or passage in short form.

Most of the test taker find difficulty to summarize efficiently in this given time. First of all, time should be divided into three part reading, analyze and then writing an answer. By this pattern, you can easily attempt Summarize Written Text

PTE Summarize written text tips, strategies and tricks-

We are sharing best strategies, tips and tricks for Summarize Written Text, this will help the test takers to score high in their PTE Academic exam

PTE Summarize Written Text Strategies to score higher-

1. Sentence making– The student often commits a mistake in this type of question by using complex words to make a sentence. Some test taker tries too hard to score more but sometimes this thing has unfavourable results.

2. Strictly use one sentence– As per the structure of this section, we have to answer in one sentence. The word limit for this is 5 to 75 words, in any case, if the student crosses the limit of 75 words. Don’t cross the words limit ( negative marking )

3. Time management– You have 10 mins to summarize the written text, so you can divide the time into three part according to you- Planning, writing and re-check.

4. Don’t make silly mistakes– In Summarize written text you have to write only one sentence answer, so be aware don’t commit small mistake like Spellings, sentence making sense

5. Practice is the key to success– Practice is the only way to minimize your mistake. So before the exam day practice mock test, this will help you to score higher in the exam. By practising repeatedly you will have the habit to solve this type of question within time.

Useful & Best PTE Summerize Written Text tips & tricks-

1. Read the paragraph carefully at first

2. Try to write summary in 50 words

3. Write notes about the main point, keywords and arguments

4. Use these main points and keywords to make a single sentence

5. Avoid complex words, in summary, use simple and easily understandable words

6. Use highlighted point to summarize

7.  Use vocabulary and grammar

8.  Don’t use complex word

9. Pick important word while reading

10. Use connector while writing answer

11. Write a rough answer, then edit it

DON’TS ( Summarize Written Text )

– D0n’t use your own information to summarize
– Do not try to explain anything in details
– Do not use any phrase from the text
– Always put a full stop after writing a summary

PTE Summarize Written Text Template-

-If you want to write two sentences with single full stop use conjunction– ……………… and………………

-To illustrate- (Main idea)…….. is this and………

-Comparison- This….. and That….. are alike…… but……

-Problem/ Solution:………. hope for or wanted…….. but……..

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