Useful PTE Writing Tips & Tricks to Improve your PTE Writing Section Score

Useful PTE Writing Tips & Tricks

Here we are sharing useful PTE Writing Tips, By using these tips and tricks you will score high in the PTE exam.

After speaking test comes the Writing section. In this section, you will be provided with some question and your answers will be analyzed on the basis of your grammar, formatting sentences and how good are in explaining certain topics as per PTE writing format. This section will assess your writing and reading skills. Quality of your writing will be the judging factor here. This section is split into two parts:

Check out 10/10 PTE Writing tips for Summarize Written Text and Essay Writing.

1) Summarize Written Text: You will have to summarize the given passage and write a summary of not more than 70 words within 10 minutes (as per PTE exam format minimum 5 words and maximum 70 words).

Summarize Written Text Tips & Tricks:

# You will have to write the summary in one sentence, with a single full stop but you can always use commas, semicolons in your sentence.

# Find out the idea on which the passage is based and make sure to include important keywords in your summary.

# Do not include any other information that’s not given in the passage.

# Always keep a check on the given word counter to make sure you’re not overwriting.

# It is recommended to write your answer in 40-50 words. Avoid using a very long sentence.

# Don’t use any examples, reasons or illustrations as it will make your sentence longer and less scoring.

# You must pay attention to punctuation and capitalize the nouns in your sentence.

# Use third person form while writing the summary i.e. don’t use I, Me, We etc.

# Manage time by giving 3 mins to planning, 5 mins in writing the summary and 2 mins of checking your answer.

# You can achieve 90/90 by having strong vocabulary and grammar, so always practice the same before your test.

PTE Academic Reading section Tips & Tricks

2) Write essay: A topic will be provided to you and you will have to write an essay between 200-300 words in 20 minutes.

PTE Essay Writing Tips & Tricks:

# First and most important task is to read and understand the topic carefully.

# It’s suggested to write down the important keywords from the topic provided and then using those words later to enhance your essay.

# Your main focus should be on forming a good structure of your essay and mentioning every crucial thing that will add a sense of expression to your final answer ( as per PTE Exam format ).

# Split your essay into three parts viz. ( PTE essay template ) First paragraph introduction, Second and third paragraph body, last paragraph conclusion.

# Use simple and effective language.

# While writing the essay, always have an eye on the ‘Total Word Count’ present below the answer box.

# Always double check your spelling, grammar, and noun.

# It is advisable to provide reasons and examples in your essay in order to make it look professional.

# You’re given the option of cut, copy, paste. Use this option in order to avoid misspelling difficult words.

# Manage time by giving 3 mins to planning, 14 mins in writing the summary and 3 mins of checking your answer.

# You must write your answer between 200-300 words, 275 words being the most acceptable and will grab you good marks.

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