Wrath in a Sentence

Sharing Wrath in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Wrath in Example Sentences.

Use Wrath in a Sentence

1. I had to face my mother’s wrath for being really late.

2. It is believed in mythology that mortals are scared of the wrath of the powerful gods.

3. The police had to face public wrath for not catching the criminal for a long time.

4. The witness was scared of the wrath of the gangster to testify in court.

5. The teachers have to daily deal with the wrath of dissatisfied parents.

6. She always feared her father’s wrath.

7. The criminal fled the country to avoid the king’s wrath.

8. She always wondered what she had done to face such wrath.

9. She vented out her wrath in front of her colleagues.

10. Everyone feared the wrath of the god.

11. The villagers saw the flood as a sign of the wrath of the gods.

12. The dog hid under the table rather than face his owner’s wrath.

13. The children were scared of their father’s wrath after he got drunk.

14. A soft answer can turn away many fierce wraths.

15. Her wrath knew no bounds.

16. He incurred his father’s wrath by arriving late.

17. Her wrath got out of hand.

18. It is believed that god’s wrath will be visited by the sinners.

19. Never let the sun go down on your wrath.

20. She braved the wrath of her parents by not marrying the man her parents had chosen.


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