Aptitude in a Sentence

Sharing Aptitude in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Aptitude in Example Sentences.

Use Aptitude in a Sentence

1. He had a high aptitude for maths in school.

2. From his early years, he showed great aptitude in studies and ardent enthusiasm.

3. She always had an aptitude for arts and painting.

4. She created a special aptitude for the army.

5. Many colleges conduct an aptitude test for admission purposes.

6. He had no aptitude to do this job.

7. My interest and aptitude for sports made me excel in this field.

8. He had an excellent aptitude for salesmanship.

9. Success in your life largely depends on your aptitude for learning.

10. He had no aptitude for mathematics.

11. He shows a promising aptitude for a business approach.

12. There was no subject related to aptitude in the engineering course.

13. A hobby should be pursued according to one’s passion for learning and aptitude.

14. He developed a great aptitude for sports in his childhood.

15. Her aptitude test showed that she should pursue science.

16. She had logical reasoning as one of the top remarks in her aptitude test.

17. To succeed in business you need knowledge and aptitude for the same.

18. Her aptitude for commerce was not up to the mark.

19. She showed great aptitude in arts and creativity.

20. He didn’t have an aptitude for business to succeed in life.


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