Simple in a Sentence

Sharing the word Simple in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Simple in Example Sentences.

Simple in a Sentence

1. The rules of the game were quite simple.

2. Though he had a lot of money, he led a simple life.

3. The motto of our life should be simple living and high thinking.

4. He wore a simple yet elegant shirt to the party.

5. Simple things bring the most joy in our life.

6. Simple clothes look the most elegant.

7. People simple at heart are the best to be around.

8. She looked ravishing in a simple dress.

9. The basic idea was simple.

10. It was as simple as that.

11. The play had a simple plot.

12. You should always keep things simple for a peaceful living.

13. There was no simple solution to the problem.

14. He is a simple person with a heart of gold.

15. It is so simple that every child understood it.

16. She used simple language to make them understand.

17. Why can’t you solve this simple problem?

18. It was written in simple English.

19. I teach simply and directly.

20. In this cutthroat world, we forget to lead a simple life of contentment.

21. The instructions written were very simple.

22. Despite all the honors, he remained a simple-hearted person.

23. The plan was quite simple but it was a good one.


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