PTE solved essay It is usually foolish to get married before completing your studies

It is usually foolish to get married before completing your studies and getting established in a good job? Do you agree or disagree”


Marriage is an important journey in every person’s life. Leading a successful married life depends not only on love but on economic and social factors as well. Rushing into marriage at an early age has both its roots in the orthodox customs as well as, today’s generation’s unrealistic romantic expectations. In this essay, I will elucidate why getting married before getting educated is a bad idea.

According to many regressive orthodox beliefs, an early marriage lasts longer and is much stronger. Education in the couple especially, the bride is not given much importance. Moreover, proper lack of sex education and a parental guidance also encourages many young adults to elope. An everlasting love is enough to sustain their marriage, according to them.

On the contrary, getting married this early produces some serious consequences for the couple. Firstly, orthodox beliefs lack a logical and scientific basis. There is no evidence to suggest that couples who get married before getting educated lead happier lives. In fact, couples who get married without an education are financially dependent on their families and hence can’t provide even for their children.

Secondly, women become totally dependent on their spouses for their survival. This kind of atmosphere is the most important factor in violence against women. A woman deprived of autonomy is more vulnerable to exploitation than an educated one.

Thirdly, according to a Pew Study (2015), college educated couples stay married for a longer time than couples with high school degree or less. Mature, educated and informed adults are capable of and leading a financially independent and a stable married life.

In countries where people get married at an early age without a proper education, there is a lower standard of living, the higher rate of poverty and more socioeconomic problems. For example, Afghanistan, Bangladesh compared to Japan, Sweden where the quality of life is best in the world.

To sum up, education does not only impart professional skills but also prepares an individual to face the challenges of life. A mature person is more capable of understanding the complexities of life. Hence, getting educated and becoming financially independent is a must, to lead a stable married life.


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