Academic Essay Sample- Has human harmed the earth or made it a better place?

Has human harmed the earth or made it a better place?

Today it is a hotly debated topic all over the world that “human harmed the earth or made it a better place”. Humans do anything to move forward whether it is good or bad for the environment. Many people think that we have destroyed the balance of the earth. Every person has his own thinking, many say we made earth a better place to live. According to me, we have disturbed ecological balance of earth, which has resulted in the extinction of many species. Some species of animals are now only seen in the zoo because of abundant deforestation. It also has caused environmental imbalance resulting in more frequent floods and drought.

Humans have progressed a lot today whether it is science or medicine. We have discovered a lot, even outside the earth’s hemisphere. But we have to keep in mind that the Earth environment should remain balanced. Some people say we have to lose something to get something. We will not get anything at the cost of earth’s environment, except the destruction.

If we keep on exploiting the earth’s ecological system then we have to face more disastrous consequence in future. This is not good for our next generation. Our future generation deserves a better environment to live and enjoy their life. Our ancestors have handled earth’s environment, We also have a duty that we should give a good living environment to our next generation.

We have seen a lot of advancement in technology which has given us many luxuries but at very high cost.  The level of pollution has gone up, we all are responsible for this situation. If we still do not change then it will be too late. Every person should try to improve the earth by its side. Because of the modernization, we can not destroy the earth. Now it is very crucial time to wake up to save our Mother ‘EARTH’. Government and an individual should involve or an encourage the events and program which are working to save earth.

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