PTE Sample Essay- Some people think placing advertisements in schools pros and cons

Some people think placing advertisements in schools is a great resource for public schools that need additional funding, but others think it exploits children by treating them as a captive audience for corporate sponsors. Choose which position you most agree with and discuss why you chose that position. Support your point of view with details from your own experiences, observations or reading.


In today’s world Advertisement is a great source to enhance the business of companies and corporation. Public schools have become their target to attract more consumers, on the other hand, the schools can generate funds through advertisement. Now there a debate whether the advertisement is good or bad for a student in schools. Many think positive regarding these advertisements as they say this will directly help the students and on the other, some believe this will exploit students. I think public school can generate good funds for students by placing an advertisement with proper planning.

We live in a very competitive world, corporate companies only wants profit. Sometimes they ignore some social norms for their benefits. They know school campus is very good options for them to advertise their product. So now school administration should look into this matter carefully, they should raise funds without exploiting their students. From my point of view, they should place the advertisement in that manner, which does not spoil studies of the students. School should avoid places like classroom, library and laboratories for advertisement, playground and canteen can be a good option.

The additional funds from advertisement have many positive points like public school can provide free studies to unprivileged kids. They can improve their school infrastructures like a library, laboratories and sports equipment. If they are raising a good amount of funds they can also cut the fees of the students. These points show that advertisement can be very good for public school.

In the end, I can say that advertisement is a great option for public school for additional funding. But we should check properly that which advertisement is good or bad for students. School administration should avoid that kind of advertisement which is exploiting juveniles. If they are succeeded in this, they did not face any kind of problem regarding generating fund by advertisement.


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