Academic Essay Do you think that consumer should avoid over packed products

Do you think that consumer should avoid over packed products or it is the responsibility of the producer to avoid extra packaging of products?” Give your views or any relevant example with your own experience.


Over packaging of products has become a new trend in the marketing world. Producers are over packaging their products to ensure product’s confidentiality and delivery of product without any collateral damage. But, few of the producers over package their products to attract consumers and earn additional money through packaging. Over packaging of the product is also encouraging additional wastage that has to dispose of. The dumping of additional wastage is causing an obstructive thump on our environment. A reasonable conclusion can only be given when we ascertain either one of the perspectives to be veracious.

The consumer has a variety of options to pick from but still many of them go for the products which are over packed making them look more attractive and unbreakable. Attractive packaging always set more sales but few of the producers have mistaken attractive packaging with over packaging. Consumers should try to buy products which have biodegradable packaging and segregate from dangerous packaging materials which can take a while to dispose of. Consumers can also ask producers to avoid over the packaging of a product which sounds more logical and legitimate.

In a split view, product producers would give an assertive reason that over packaging is for consumers benefit. But, producers can also avoid over the packaging of their products by investing in new technology which can come to aid environment’s current situation. Opting for new technology will also bare minimum packaging charges. Product producers can also follow environmental rules and regulation which will make their surrounding eco-friendly.

Plastic is one such hazardous material that is used for over packaging. Plastic can’t be biodegradable and almost takes 1000 years to dispose of. One of the best rules implemented by governments was banning excessive plastic usage and allowing only plastic bags of over 40 microns to be used. This implementation came to environment’s aid by preserving many animals live and other natural sceneries.

In my opinion, both customer and producer must be responsible for avoiding over packaging. Knowledge about keeping our environment clean and safe should be encouraged in schools and campaigning will also bring awareness to the citizens.

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