What is Deforestation Cause and Solution PTE Solved Essay

Deforestation Cause and Solution

The cutting of trees or burning of forest for mining, construction and making homes is called deforestation. To move forward, humans have always compromise to our environment. Today’s by the expansion of population we are cutting trees without thinking about its consequence. Humans always use wood from the centuries but today due to increase in population the balance got worse. We are making concrete jungle which will take us to disaster someday.

Human civilization using wood Since long time ago, this is an essential thing in our life. Many important kinds of wood are used to make homes and furniture. But due to overuse of wood, the forest is decreasing. We do not think about the ecological balance of nature. Governments are making new roads in the forest, for this, they are cutting trees which cause deforestation.

In many countries people are burning their forest, to use the fertility of the land. But if they are destroying the balance of environment how they tackle with less rain. The deforestation is one of the reasons of world’s major problem global warming. Due to global warming, many countries face floods and drought problem.

Due to Deforestation carbon dioxide increase in our environment which causes Greenhouse gases. When the carbon dioxide increases in our atmosphere which affects the layer which protects us from Sun’s radiation. That’s why the heat of the sun is increasing day by day. The overall temperature of the earth is increasing, the level of the ocean are also increasing.

Government and public should take action to stop Deforestation. We should use Eco-friendly things in our daily life. The farmer should use a new technique, how they should use their existing resource. Governments should take action against people who are illegally cutting trees or harming forest. Increases Reforestation- we should plant more trees, every person is aware of deforestation. We have to take strict action to save our environment.

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