Some people think that keeping pets is good for children while others think it is dangerous and unhealthy

Academic Essay- Some people think that keeping pets is good for children while others think it is dangerous and unhealthy. Which opinion do you agree with? Discuss both options and give examples.

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Sample Answer-

The moment we decide to incorporate a pet into our lives, we must take into account the massive commitment that we will be taking on by accepting an animal into our lives. We all get excited about puppies or cats, but we must think along the lines that they are acquired for life and that a puppy will grow and be a large animal that will surely demand more care. If the pet we choose is a female, it will have periods of heat. This can cause stains of blood loss typical at this stage, visits of neighbouring animals and, if it has a baby, we will have puppies to care for, to breed or to adopt. Like all living things, animals urinate and defecate, so we must think of hygiene measures, and places destined to “their bath” to avoid risks. What is indisputable is that they will give us never-ending affection and loyalty. We must provide them with attention, care, respect and a lot of love & affection in return.

In my opinion, they are of great importance to children because they find companions in their pets that are love. Pets collaborate in the development of communication and motor skills in children. In coexisting with animals, children can be taught to love life and to explain the stages of development that they themselves are going to live more easily.

Many times, if there is a pregnant woman or young children in a house, there is a refusal to have a pet for fear of communicable diseases. But if minimal prophylaxis measures are taken in addition to regular visits to a veterinarian, there is absolutely no problem in welcoming a new member to the family. There are countless cases throughout the world where dogs have been found to save lives of their masters from robberies and open burners.

Hence, having a pet for a friend is a wonderful idea, provided you take precautions and understand the responsibility you are taking on to care for them.

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