Essay- In developing countries, children in rural communities have less access to education

Academic Essay- In developing countries, children in rural communities have less access to education. Some people believe that the problem can be solved by providing more schools and teachers, while others think that the problem can be solved by providing computers and Internet access. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Sample Answer-

Education is the only medium through which humans have moved mountains. Education forms the character of an individual, it teaches us the way of life and it makes us proficient as well. When it comes to children in rural communities, education can be our best pick for uplifting them and providing them with the opportunities of the present.

One approach can be inculcating the traditional way of building more schools and equipping those with more teachers. The concept has potential but it hasn’t been able to achieve the goal on a bigger scale. If we take the example of India since Independence, our rural communities have experienced a slow development. More schools and teachers don’t guarantee the absolute brain nourishment of the child. One might want to include the modern tools like Internet and computers into the field.

Before we jump directly on inculcating computers and internet in the child’s curriculum, we must make sure that the children must know how to utilize the same. Schools in rural areas and teachers amidst those are required to clear the concepts of the children, in such a way that they can adapt to the tools of digitization. Using computers and internet for the purpose of educating children is a great thing, there is no doubt in that. But, what comes as an important fact is that introducing digital tools at an early age for the rural kids is of no use. For example, Education boards around the country may try to make a blend of the digital & ordinary education system and the respective board must strive to introduce the blend at a viable time.

Internet and computer act as a catalyst to the process of education, but always remember that a catalyst is applied to the base elements. In other words, a commendable number of schools & proficient teachers are required to make the base of the children then digital tools can make their way in.

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