Peaceful in a Sentence

Sharing Peaceful in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Peaceful in Example Sentences.

Use Peaceful in a Sentence

Peaceful sentence

1. She looked really peaceful while sleeping.

2. He just wanted to rest after a peaceful day.

3. Watching the sunrise was very peaceful.

4. He led a peaceful life.

5. The garden was very peaceful and quiet.

6. We had a peaceful day.

7. They found a peaceful solution to end their quarrel.

8. Evenings in the city are really peaceful.

9. Everyone wants to live a peaceful life.

10. Peaceful environment brings out the best in a person.

11. The aim of the organisation is wholly peaceful.

12. Peaceful existence is a must for happiness.

13. They help a peaceful protest for the issue.

14. He couldn’t imagine a more peaceful scenery.

15. Their kingdom seemed peaceful from a distance.

16. It was very calm and peaceful out there in the woods.

17. The election campaign was surprisingly peaceful.

18. His eye rested on the peaceful valley below.

19. Students held a peaceful march in protest of the college administration.

20. She always had a peaceful expression on her face.


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