Obeyed in a Sentence

Sharing Obeyed sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life. Word Obeyed in Example Sentences.

Use Obeyed in a Sentence

1. Parents should be obeyed.

2. We obeyed the order the teacher gave us.

3. She obeyed the captain’s orders.

4. He obeyed out of habit.

5. Rules should be obeyed.

6. Elders should be obeyed.

7. She reluctantly obeyed the orders.

8. I obeyed without even giving it a second thought.

9. He gladly obeyed his father.

10. Conflicts arise when rules are not obeyed.

11. She obeyed the order with a growl of frustration.

12. The teacher complained that the students never obeyed them.

13. The boss wanted his order to be obeyed by his employees.

14. When the army gave orders, the soldiers obeyed.

15. If you had obeyed your orders this disaster could’ve been averted.

16. The rules given by flight attendants must be obeyed in an airplane.

17. Let your parents be obeyed.

18. She obeyed him with more clarity than I expected.

19. The taxes and other government laws should be obeyed.

20. She frowned but obeyed.


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