Boasted in a Sentence

Sharing Boasted sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life. Word Boasted in Example Sentences.

Use Boasted in a Sentence

1. He always boasted of his son.

2. We never boasted about ourselves.

3. He highly boasted about his skills.

4. He always boasted of his luxurious life to his friends and family.

5. She boasted about her knowledge.

6. Earlier animal furs were highly boasted about at parties.

7. He boasted after winning the first prize.

8. She often boasted of her beauty.

9. My best friend boasted of his status.

10. He highly boasted of his father’s kingdom.

11. He seemed arrogant because he always boasted of his achievements.

12. She never boasted and lived a life of simplicity.

13. She boasted of her expensive dress.

14. He boasted that he would change times and laws.

15. The city boasted of a beautiful cathedral.

16. Don’t you think you boasted too much?

17. The boss boasted of his salesman’s capability.

18. She boasted about her son’s honesty in front of the whole community.

19. He boasted of his heroic acts several times.

20. She boasted of getting an A on her chemistry paper.


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