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Sharing Reading sentences in English, these sentence about Reading we use in our daily life. Word Reading in Example Sentences.

Use Reading in a Sentence

Sentence about Reading

1. Reading is a good habit to nurture.

2. Reading is the best way to travel the world.

3. She loved reading spy fiction and watching investigative series on television.

4. I spend most of my spare time reading.

5. Do you like reading?

6. Reading makes you knowledgeable.

7. Reading horror stories at night can give you nightmares.

8. She was very good at reading people.

9. Reading religious scriptures can make you feel very calm.

10. I was reading a book when he called me yesterday.

11. She enjoyed reading a good book with a cup of coffee.

12. Some people are very passionate about reading.

13. She had a habit of reading newspapers every day.

14. Reading self-help books give you a better understanding of life.

15. He cultivated his mind by reading many books.

16. She resumed reading after having lunch.

17. By reading we enrich the mind, by a conversation we polish it.

18. She reclined on the sofa reading a magazine.

19. This book is worth reading again and again.

20. There is a boy reading under the tree.

21. They had a separate reading room to store all their books.

22. I have been reading Shakespeare for the last 6 days.

23. Were you reading a book at the time I called you?

24. While I was reading, my sister was watching television.

25. He was absorbed in reading the article.

26. She gave up eating meat after reading an article on cruelty on animals.

27. He is always reading comic books.

28. She insisted on reading the letter.

29. They spent the rest of their vacation reading and studying.

30. I read their blogs every day.

31. Reading is a good habit.

32. I love reading fictional books.

33. I am reading a book on famous poets.

34. My father has a very good habit of reading books

35. Reading a book increases your knowledge.

36. Reading books should be our daily routine.

37. There are many benefits of reading books.

38. Reading and gardening are my favourite hobbies.

39. He sat at the study table for reading a book.

40. My brother enjoys reading fictional books.

41. I don’t like reading books.

42. My friend won first prize in a reading contest.

43. My grandfather reading the newspaper this morning.

44. My group in college spends most of their free time in the reading room.

45. He develops his mind by reading good books.

46. She is indulging in reading criminal story books these days.

47. Last night I finished reading a very interesting novel.

48. My many friends love reading books.

49. In my free time, my sister does dance practice while I am reading a novel.

50. This thesis is worth reading for students

51. I always like reading in the study room.

52. We cannot talk in a reading room.

53. I always prefer reading one book at a time.

54. Reading is the exercise of our mind.

55. He made a painting of mine while I am reading a book.

56. He enjoyed reading fictional books in his leisure time.

57. Reading improves our vocabulary.

58. While traveling by bus I always prefer reading a storybook.

59. I am reading a book about our ancestors.

60. Our group spent most of the time in the reading room.

61. Which type of book are you reading?

62. At night I was reading a book in my room.

63. Children are very fond of reading comics.

64. He was reading about the history of the Taj Mahal.

65. She was reading a book while traveling on a Train.

66. He was good at both reading and writing.

67. These days people prefer reading stories on gadgets.

68. She burns the note after reading it.

69. Reading motivational books always refreshes your mind and soul.

70. My friend has an obsession with reading stories on daily basis.

71. We should make reading an important part of our life.

72. A child is reading a book very loudly in the classroom.

73. Students are reading books in the classroom

74. I am reading a fictional book with my sister.

75. Today my friend is reading something in the morning.

76. After reading a book our teacher explain everything to us.

77. Last year I was reading my favourite The Jungle Book during summer vacation.


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