Beautiful in a Sentence

Sharing Beautiful sentences in English, these sentences we use in our daily life. Word Beautiful in Example Sentences.

Use Beautiful in a Sentence

1. She sang a beautiful song.

2. You have a beautiful garden.

3. She loved watching the beautiful sunset.

4. It’s such a beautiful day.

5. Do I look beautiful in this dress?

6. Mountains look very beautiful from a distance.

7. He had a beautiful house.

8. She is a beautiful girl.

9. All the beautiful flowers are in bloom now.

10. She had the most beautiful eyes.

11. They saw a beautiful bird in the sky.

12. This town is famous for its beautiful buildings.

13. Last week she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

14. Italy is a very beautiful country.

15. We went surfing at a beautiful beach.

16. Never had she seen a beautiful cat.

17. As soon as it stopped raining a beautiful rainbow appeared.

18. The scenery was beautiful beyond description.

19. The bond between a mother and a child is the most beautiful thing on earth.

20. She looked really beautiful in that dress.

21. This is the most beautiful city I have ever seen.

22. On the occasion of Christmas, my uncle shares beautiful thoughts with us.

23. My mother is the most beautiful woman in the world.

24. In the zoo, we have seen a beautiful animal in a cage.

25. My city has very beautiful gardens.

26. She is beautiful and very smart.

27. In winter we witness beautiful mountain peaks from my city.

28. She has a very beautiful smile.

29. The sunset from the mountain looks very beautiful.

30. I have a very beautiful garden in my backyard.

31. A park is a beautiful place

32. A parrot is a beautiful bird.

33. Do I look beautiful in this dress?

34. She had a beautiful garden in her house

35. Her smile is very beautiful.

36. Swizerterland is a beautiful country.

37. Her hands are very beautiful.

38. I have many beautiful paintings

39. I have never seen such a beautiful village.

40. I saw a beautiful peacock in a zoo.

41. I live in a very beautiful city.

42. We went to a beautiful spot for a picnic.

43. Last summer we went to a beautiful hill station for a vacation.

44. My best wore a very beautiful dress on her birthday.

45. Two beautiful girls are performing at their annual function at school.

46. My uncle built a very beautiful house in Sydney.

47. I live in a very beautiful city.

48. My uncle welcomed us into his beautiful house.

49. Just because of my parents my is beautiful.

50. Her baby is very beautiful.

51. last weekend we visited a beautiful hill station.

52. My friend’s shirts look beautiful with black pants.

53. My friend looks beautiful without makeup.

54. Zurich is a very beautiful city, I love spending time here.

55. Goa beaches are very beautiful.

56. We have never witnessed such a beautiful sunset.

57. Today we witness a beautiful sunrise.

58. It looks very beautiful house.

59. I think this garden is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

60. She has beautiful hair with blue eyes.

61. It’s a beautiful day, let go for a long drive.

62. She looks as beautiful as always


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