10 lines on Advantages and Disadvantages of Offline Study

In this article, we are providing the Informative 10 lines on Advantages and Disadvantages of offline study in English. In these lines, we have tried our best to give detailed information about offline study | Classes in English. Few lines on Advantages and Disadvantages of offline study Essay for classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

10 lines on Advantages and Disadvantages of offline study | Classes


10 lines on Advantages of offline study | Classes

1. Offline study is more productive as compared to any other mode of education.

2. Offline studies enhance the concentration level of the students.

3. Offline study provides an environment of healthy competition.

4. It facilitates student-teacher interaction which enables the students to understand the concepts easily.

5. In offline education the students can interact with each other, which brings positive learning outcomes.

6. Offline Classes make the students more disciplined, as in educational institutes, following certain rules by the students is mandatory.

7. Offline education also gives importance to extracurricular activities, which help in the student’s overall development.

8. In offline education the teachers can pay more attention to students.

9. Doubts can be easily clarified in the offline mode of study.

10. The performance of students can be easily judged by the teachers in the school classroom.


10 lines on Disadvantages of offline study | Classes

1. Offline study lacks flexibility, as the class schedule is fixed for every day.

2. Sometimes longer schedules of offline classes become boring to attend.

3. Offline studies are difficult to opt for working people.

4. There is no repetition of lectures in offline classes.

5. Traveling expenses for going to university and school every day are additional expenses.

6. In offline Classes the students are more dependent on a teacher which affects their true potential.

7. Students suffer great loss in studies if they miss their classes, as there are no recordings for future reference.

8. Offline studies are more expensive than online studies.

9. Sometimes it becomes tiring for students to move from one lecture room to another in schools and colleges.

10. There is a lot of distraction at times in offline study because of some naughty students in the class, which affects the concentration level of students who want to study.


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