Metaphor in a Sentence

Sharing Metaphor sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Metaphor in Example Sentences.

Use Metaphor in a Sentence

1. Using a metaphor in a sentence can create a deeper impact.

2. He used fire as a metaphor to justify hatred.

3. The song used sunshine as a metaphor for joy.

4. His art used metaphors to subtly talk abou9t difficult topics.

5. Metaphor is a very common English literary device.

6. Let’s learn the different types of metaphors.

7. In this movie, the city was a metaphor for love and confusion.

8. The writer’s use of metaphor was extraordinary.

9. He gave up a great deal of knowledge of using metaphors.

10. He used boxing as a metaphor to describe his life.

11. Using a metaphor can give a great comparison and a better understanding of the subject.

12. She didn’t learn about using a metaphor before 5th grade.

13. Often dark and night is used as a metaphor for sadness.

14. Private education is generally seen as a metaphor for privilege.

15. It is not easy to find the right metaphor to explain yourself.

16. It was an ominous metaphor.

17. The perfect metaphor for a spelling bee champion is a walking dictionary.

18. She used conceptual metaphors in her speech.

19. A metaphor to describe my life right now would be trying to stand on a hammock.

20. She was considered very well versed as she used a lot of metaphors.


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