Eagerly in a Sentence

Sharing Eagerly sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Eagerly in Example Sentences.

Use Eagerly in a Sentence

Sentence on Eagerly

1. I was eagerly waiting for you.

2. Everyone is eagerly waiting for winter.

3. He was eagerly waiting for his result.

4. They were eagerly waiting for his arrival.

5. Every morning we were eagerly waiting for the newspaper to come.

6. Students were eagerly waiting for their trip to commence.

7. We have been eagerly awaiting this news for more than three years.

8. After working hard for the entire year they were eagerly waiting for their summer vacations.

9. Everyone was eagerly waiting for his next novel.

10. He eagerly requested a loan from the bank.

11. She put down her book eagerly to open the seal of the letter.

12. He leaned forward eagerly to listen to her.

13. The rumors were eagerly seized by the press.

14. Their idea was eagerly received by everyone.

15. The eagerly awaited sequel was now available on video.

16. The summers were so hot that they eagerly waited for the monsoon to arrive.

17. The passengers eagerly waited for the train to arrive.

18. The soldiers eagerly responded to the orders.

19. The eagerly awaited parcel turned out to be a huge disappointment.

20. I shall eagerly await your reply.

21. The vintage stamps were eagerly coveted by collectors.


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