Ignorance in A Sentence

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Use Ignorance in A Sentence

Sentence on Ignorance

1. The state of ignorance can land you in trouble.

2. The only way we can eradicate ignorance is through education.

3. I burst into laughter at his ignorance.

4. Ignorance can be overcome by knowledge.

5. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

6. At what point, is ignorance not bliss anymore?

7. We’ve witnessed several cases of ignorance.

8. What are the best ways to conquer ignorance?

9. We need to root out ignorance from our society.

10. I am embarrassed by my complete ignorance of history.

11. Due to his ignorance, he committed a crime.

12. Ignorance can be very dangerous.

13. Ignorance is the mother of all problems.

14. There is so much ignorance around the world about mental illness.

15. Ignorance doesn’t make you any less guilty.

16. We must fight to end poverty, ignorance, and disease.

17. In her ignorance, she followed the wrong course.

18. Ignorance can turn into a huge liability.

19. Sometimes ignorance can save you from getting hurt.

20. Superstition originates in ignorance.


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