IELTS Writing Task 2- Some people say that leisure time is important for having a good life

IELTS Essay Topic- Some people say that leisure time is important for having a good life, While other believe that money is important. Do you agree? Is there any other important factor for leading a good quality life?


Some people believe that money is more important than free time for a good quality of life. Others say the opposite is true. Discuss both views. What is more important in your opinion? Give relevant examples.

Sample Answer-

Most people, true to their workaholic nature, choose to immerse themselves in their work. The fruits of their labor come in the form of hard-earned money. Thus, the latter forms an integral part of the quality of lives they lead and in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. Yet another faction of the population values leisure time over money. In my opinion, both money and leisure in should work in tandem to improve a person’s quality of life

It is not wrong to put your blood, sweat and tears into your professional life in order to earn your bread and butter but it does just that. Money is mostly necessary to take care of basic human necessities. However, in today’s cut-throat environment, money has been put on a pedestal. Now, societal affluence is also measured by money. There is truly nothing money can’t buy today. However, an abundance of money but a dearth of leisure time will inherently make a person frustrated. Man is a social animal and he needs some time off from time to time. Be it pursuing a hobby occasionally or going out and meeting new people, everyone needs a break once in a while. Not only will this ensure that you are on top of your mental health game, you will also work to preserve your relationships in your social circle. Working straight hours every day without a break can be unhealthy as well. Many people today lead a primarily sedentary lifestyle which has led to the office syndrome as well as several chronic ailments.

As an example, the typical white collar worker today may come with several financial perks at his job. He may want to take a week off backpacking across the Himalayan foothills. However, owing to his sedentary lifestyle, his money and time have been rendered useless. Thus, health is paramount in ensuring a good quality of life.

In conclusion, I believe that although money and time are the equally important stand alone, they always go side by side. At the same time, health is wealth. As long as you keep yourself healthy, there will always be time for everything else.


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