In some countries, the number of shootings increases because many people have guns at home

Academic Essay for PTE & IELTS- In some countries, the number of shootings increases because many people have guns at home. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

While several countries across the world have liberal gun laws that allow citizens to possess firearms for self-defense or other recreational purposes, the fact that such countries see an increased rate of homicides or other gun-related crimes is undeniable. Let us explore this premise in this essay.

Gun owners often argue that right to safety is a fundamental right of every human being. Possessing a gun makes them less paranoid and more confident about their personal safety. However, laws governing the control of guns aren’t stringent enough. Criminals can easily access guns by unlawful means especially at black markets. Add to that the fact that most seemingly normal looking people have a hidden violent streak waiting to explode. Often, small fights get exaggerated and in the heat of the moment, the person pulls the trigger. Human beings are very fragile and there is no way of knowing when their sane switch gets turned off due to certain triggers such as jealousy, betrayal, anger etc. It is not uncommon to hear of minor domestic disputes turning into manslaughter and violent shooting massacres in schools or other public places claiming lives of thousands of innocent lives. Research suggests that owning a gun makes some people psychologically inclined to commit a crime, be it theft, murder or even suicide.

For instance, according to Gun Violence Archive, guns have contributed to 154 mass shootings, 6,880 gun-related deaths and 13,504 firearm injuries in the US this year alone. In addition to this, the Center for Disease Control reports that over 21,000 Americans take their lives with a firearm each year.

In conclusion, although the primary reason some governments allow their citizens to carry licensed guns is to protect themselves, often such laws backfire. A gun is but a ticking time bomb and stringent laws should be put in place to restrict and regulate their use. Doing so would be instrumental in reducing violence and crime throughout the world.

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