IELTS Cue Card Topic Sample- Describe a piece of furniture you have at home

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card Model Answer- Describe a piece of furniture you have at home

You should say-

-What it is

-how it looks like

-how often you use it

And explain why you have it at your home.

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Model Answer-

Nightstand – My favourite piece of furniture at home

The nightstand next to the bed in my bedroom is definitely my favourite piece of furniture in the home.

It is a wooden cabinet adjacent to my bed that has a lot of useful drawers to store the things I want in easy reach to my bed. It is quite stylish, and there’s a beautiful table lamp on it that keeps me company when I read in bed at nights.

I use it as often as I use my bed, which is a lot. It consists of all my favourite things like a hairbrush, my power bank, my phone charger, lip balm, a book a notepad, several stationery items, etc. Essentially, this nightstand or bedside table is a lifesaver for the times I’m feeling lazy and reluctant to leave the bed.

I cannot imagine my home without a nightstand. Besides being very handy and easily accessible from my bed, it provides great storage for the essentials and is a charming piece of furniture in my room. It adds a certain warmth and cosiness to the room owing to the table lamp is adorns in addition to the alarm clock. It is, undoubtedly, my favourite piece of furniture in the house.

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