IELTS Cue Card- Describe an aim or goal that you hope to achieve in the future

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card sample- Describe an aim or goal that you hope to achieve in the future

You Should Say

-what this goal has to do with your life
-when you started thinking about this goal
-how you will achieve it
and explain why this goal is important for you.

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Model Answer-

My aim in life is to write at least one bestselling book. I love writing, and since my childhood days, I have always wanted that one of my books grace the shelves of bookstores too. I would like to write a fiction book with a genre of murder mystery, drama and a bucket load of romance.

I started thinking about this goal when I was barely a teenager. I was little more than a child, but I had my dreams set before me with a lot of clarity.

I have already started working towards achieving my goal. I am currently working on a fiction book with my boyfriend and a non-fiction book with my friend. We will finish it pretty soon.

This goal is super important to me because writing is all I know. Writing is something that comes from within me, and I have always had a gift to translate my thoughts into words on a piece of paper. It would really be an incredible thing to be recognized for my talent and make my passion a full-blown business venture. The best thing about it would be that my profession would be something I am passionate about, and you can never really go wrong with this blend!

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