Essay on Travelling For Students & Children

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Essay on Travelling For Students & Children


A Short Travelling Essay | An Essay About Travelling in 150 words

Since times immemorial, travelling has been a part of mankind. Initially, it was for the search for food and shelter. Later on, travelling became necessary for the expansion of trade, culture and kingdoms. History books mention many scholars who have travelled to far off lands in search of knowledge. Societies all over the world could not have been so advanced’ had there been no interaction between people belonging” to different places and cultures. Travelling broadens a person’s knowledge and outlook. It gives a person an insight into how people in various ‘regions live. Besides it `Makes him sensitive’ to other people’s cultures and lifestyles. A traveller is also an ambassador of his country. People in the foreign areas see their native country through his ‘behaviour. Travelling brings joy. But it also brings responsibilities

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Long Essay on Travelling in 500 words

Travelling is an old activity of Man. We do not know when the first travelling was done by people of the past. Individual travelling and group travelling should have started in the remote past. The need to find a suitable place for settlement might have been the sole purpose of the early travels of the past. The individual traveller travelled on foot or on horseback while groups of travellers moved from place to place in caravans.

Travelling in modern times is done by the modern transport media – the car, bus, train, ship, aeroplane, bicycle and scooter. For long journeys, the car, the bus, the train, the aeroplanes and the ship are used. Travelling in modern times is more comfortable than it was in the past when there were no aeroplanes, no trains and no buses. Naturally, we travel much faster than our ancestors.

We get many benefits out of travelling. Travelling is done for its own sake or for business. We get a variety of practical knowledge and experience through travelling. If we are out on business errands, we get chances to mix with different kinds of businessmen. We also get chances to know about their ways of doing business, their social life and even their domestic life. We may also learn scraps of two or three new languages, which will help us in future.
If we travel for travel’s sake, that is, if we undertake a tour we are sure to get more benefits out of it. We can see the beauties of Nature found at a particular place which is our destination. Our knowledge of the geography of the place will improve. If we visit places of historical importance and relics, our inner craving is satisfied. On seeing and mixing with the people of different states, languages, dress, manners, customs, religious creeds, political faiths and social life, our general knowledge, our understanding of human nature and our outlook grow wider.

We forget our domestic and professional worries during the travel. If we visit shrines, our minds, feelings, and emotions become purified.

The hardships we face during the travel will teach us fortitude, sharpen our intelligence and make us resourceful. Our pleasant and unpleasant experiences during the travel will give us worldly wisdom and make us get hope and confidence in life. We turn into optimists. We develop tolerance, grow social and give up our prejudices. We understand the culture of the people of other places. We may get chances to make them give up their prejudices against us as well as give up our, wrong ideas about them. Our sense of universal brotherhood is strengthened.


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