Essay on Forest in English For Students & Children

We are Sharing Essay on Forest in English for students and children. In this article, we have tried our best to provide Forest Essay for Classes 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, and Graduation in 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, and 500 words.

Essay on Forest in English For Students & Children


A Short Essay on Forest in 100 Words

A vast land, full of trees and underwood is called a ‘Forest’. A Forest is the abode of wild animals. Tigers, Lions, elephants, deer, snakes, etc live in the forest. In ancient times, men used to collect their food from forests. Even today we get timber, resin, gum, wax, rubber, honey, fruits, etc from the forest. Forest prevents air pollution and flooding. It creates clouds which bring rain. Rain brings the harvest. So we should not destroy forests. That apart, preventing ongoing pollution afforestation is the need of the hour.

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The Forests Essay in 150 words

The dense, green forests are a rich source of fuel, food, wood, medicine, and a clean environment. They play a very important role in maintaining balance in nature.

The roots of the trees bind them with many important nutrients in the soil. They also act as a hurdle for floods. The trees house many rare and beautiful species of birds and animals. These also serve as tourist spots when declared sanctuaries and National parks.

The forests regulate rainfall, making the land more fertile. The products like wood, gum, resins, honey, herbs, etc. are the raw material for many industries. A wide variety of wood like sal, Sheesham, and teak can be obtained from the woods, and used for building and construction.

To avoid indiscriminate deforestation for human use, the government is now taking stern measures. There are strict rules against cutting trees and hunting as well. Chipko Movement was an exceptional movement to save forests.


Long Essay on Forest in 500 words

In ancient times the earth was full of forests. The population was small. Human beings did not know what benefits they got from forests except that they got fuel, a few herbs, and the hides of some animals. Hermits and Rishis often went to live in the forests to lead their life of meditation in silence and in the midst of Nature, undisturbed by human crowds. As days passed on, people began to go to forests to hunt.

In modern times science teaches us many truths about forests. The most important fact about forests is that they are necessary to produce good air. Plants take in the carbon dioxide in the air and breathe out oxygen. They cause rainfall. They are the dwelling places of different species of birds and animals. They give us resin, honey, fuel, and medicinal herbs.

The forests upon mountains and plains as well as those in the valleys are of great use to us. They are full of fruit trees and flower plants. The trees give us materials to produce paper, palm oil, and wood or timber of different kinds. Sandalwood is precious because it is used to make medicine, soap, cosmetics, and dilute sandal paste which we apply to our bodies during summer and on important occasions like marriages and religious festivals and ceremonies.

It is the forest trees that give us coal. Some people burn the trees in mountain forests to get what we call burnt coal (that is, half-burnt coal). The coal we get from the coal mines is nothing but what happens to trees when they lie buried in the earth for hundreds of years.

The birds and animals in the forests give us meat, hide, and bones. The tusks of elephants, the flesh, the hides, and the bones of various animals are of great monetary value. They are used to produce different kinds of medicines, bags, oils, combs, toys, dyes, paints, paper, and textiles.

The colour patterns of the leaves and the other parts of plants help the chemical and textile industries to manufacture different types of dyes and clothes. The trees give us fuel, oil, and timber which we use in building dams, bridges, and houses and in making furniture.

Forests make a land rich. They lend beauty to the landscape where they grow and inspire poets and meditative people.

But it is sad to note that many people destroy forests for fuel, and sell animal hides and horns. They are making certain varieties of animals like the elephant, the rhinoceros, the tiger, and the monkey become almost extinct. Even snakes are killed or captured to get their skins and poison for the purpose of making medicines and the outward coverings of trunks and money purses.

Forests, with all their inmates, should be treated as our perennial store-houses and providers of the basic materials of our essential needs like medicines, clothes, food, and shelter. When a forest is destroyed by greedy or thoughtless people, they harm several generations of the people of its area and its surroundings.

Knowing the value of forests, modern governments are growing artificial forests, guarding the existing natural forests, and resorting to afforestation.


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