6 Digital Tools for College Paper Writing

6 Digital Tools for College Paper Writing

Students will spend most of their college years writing academic papers. While such exercises are the main reason for being in college, they do not have to tie you down to the library or your room all your college years. Writing tools make it easier and faster to complete assignments and academic papers. They will also help to boost your grades.


The internet has numerous writing tools and platforms that students can use. The biggest challenge is identifying the best tools for each assignment. The choice of tool depends on the kind of help you need. 

Writing tools cost money. Some will give you a good experience while others waste your time and resources. Asking “pay someone to write my paper” or a digital tool to do homework makes your college years easier. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best tool for your homework. 

  • Check reviews– users leave reviews narrating their experiences with certain writing tools. Experts also review the writing tools to help students make better decisions. Scan through the reviews and pick such crucial aspects as user experience, cost, and developer support. Check whether the features matched the expectations of users. It will help you to choose the best writing tool. 
  • Evaluate the features– what features are you looking for in a writing app? Since each tool is meant for a particular purpose, you should choose a tool that will serve the desired role. The best digital writing tools offer multiple features like editing, formatting, and plagiarism checking. 
  • Use the trial version– most digital writing tools allow you to test the features before buying. You test using the trial versions or reduced features. If it meets your expectations, you can proceed to pay the subscription. 
  • Get referrals- your peers and students are already using digital writing tools. Ask for referrals to the best digital writing tools. Since they have tested these tools, the risk of falling into an online scam reduce significantly. 

Each of the digital tools offers particular writing features. Here are the top digital writing tools for college students. 

  • ProWritingAid

It is a grammar checker and self-editing tool. It also acts as a writing mentor by generating detailed reports about your writing. It will also help you to check plagiarism before submission. 

ProWritingAid offers incredible free features. They are enough to help you submit a decent paper. However, you have the option of advanced features at a fee. It is one of the few tools offering multiple capabilities. 

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is known for helping writers to edit their work. It highlights such serious mistakes as punctuation, poor word choices, and typos. It has also added plagiarism checking features, completing one of the most important packages for college students. 

Grammarly is free for limited features. The features are enough for a reasonable paper. The cost is worth every penny because of the quality of features Grammarly offers. 

  • Google Docs

Do you want to go everywhere with your research and reference materials? Google Docs is the tool to use. It is a cloud storage tool that allows you to gather all the materials you need to write a decent paper. 

Google Docs offers a seamless writing experience such that you only have one document even when working on multiple devices. You write directly on the Google Docs platform and save your paper. The changes are accessible on any device using the same email. It is free with limited storage that is sufficient for your students. 

  • Readable 

Readable helps you to discern the grade level you are writing. It assesses your Grammarly, sentence construction, and spelling, among other aspects of writing. It will give you a percentage and highlight the areas you can correct to improve the readability of your work. It will help you to deliver a paper befitting the audience. 

  • Evernote

Cloud storage offers a seamless writing experience. It allows you to gather your materials online, organize them, and access them whenever you need to write your paper. You can keep writing your paper wherever you are and at any time you wish. 

Evernote comes with limited free storage space. It also comes with advanced organization features that allow you to create folders for each paper. Search features will enable you to extract files from the folder or the entire Evernote platform easily. It is one of the best online writing tools for college students. 

  • YouTube 

Part of writing is research and knowing how to perform such academic writing tasks as formatting. YouTube is your source of information. Search anything you want from ideas to formatting tips. You have all the answers whenever you are stuck. It is free and available anywhere you go. 

There are many digital tools for college students. Choose a tool that will meet your expectations based on the features you are looking for. In case you have to pay for a digital tool, the features must guarantee excellent value for money. 

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