Essay on An Accident I Witnessed For Students

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Essay on An Accident I Witnessed

Short Essay on An Accident I Saw ( 100 to 120 words )

Every day I read about accidents in the newspapers. But it was only yesterday that I had the misfortune of witnessing one. It was eight o’clock at night. I was returning home from the office in an auto-rickshaw. As we crossed the Green Park Red Light, a red Swift car speeded past us. It was racing ahead of us. Suddenly a man tried to run across the road. He miscalculated the speed of the red Swift. And before the car could apply breaks, the man was hit and thrown off the road. The car however speeded away. Luckily the man was not badly hurt. He was taken to the nearby doctor. After the first aid, he was sent home.

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Essay on An Accident I Have Seen ( 250 to 300 words )

An Accident you have Witnessed Accidents on the roads are a common occurrence these days. Some are killed. Many are injured or maimed. The increase in vehicles, poor condition of the roads, rash driving, and non-observance of traffic rules are responsible for the ever-increasing accidents. So it is important for us to learn to use the roads properly and safely.

Last week I witnessed a horrifying accident near my school. I shall never forget it for a long time. The road in front of my school is very narrow. It is always crowded particularly in the afternoons when school gets over. Sometimes a policeman is there to control the traffic but generally chaos reigns.

It was Monday. The school had just finished. The road was crowded as usual. The students were running across the road to get into buses and cars to go home. Just then I saw a boy run across the road. All of a sudden I heard a loud scream and the screech of brakes. The boy was knocked down by a car. He lost consciousness and there was the blood rushing out from a cut on his head. Soon a large crowd gathered around the boy. Someone in the crowd tied a bandage around the cut. The boy was rushed to a hospital. Many people surrounded the driver of the car and began abusing him. Fortunately, a policeman arrived and calmed things down. A case was registered and the driver was taken to the police station. Slowly the crowd started dispersing. Since that day I am careful in using the roads.


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