Essay on Female Education in English For Students

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Essay on Female Education in English For Students

( Women Education ) Female Education Essay

It is very important for females to get a good education. In our society, women are dominated by men. It is so because women are not educated. Male members of the family are educated. They work and earn for the family. So they dominate the family. As women are not educated, they are not able to earn and are suppressed. Therefore, it becomes more important to impart education to women. If she is educated, then only will she able to teach her children.

An educated lady is an asset to her family. She can look after her responsibilities well. She can share the burden of the family by earning. She can walk abreast with her partner. Only an educated woman can know about her rights and duties. She can decide good or bad for herself. She can teach this to the children also.

Educated ladies are working perfectly in various fields. They are successful doctors today. They are engineers and working in factories. There is no field in which ladies have not entered. They are no less than males if, they are given equal chances of education.

For a better society and a better world, it is a must to educate females. So it has become very important to teach girls in this new world.

Our government has started many schemes to promote women’s education. Free education to a girl child is given in school. Meals and books are provided to them. Families are made aware of the importance of education for women. The backward and conservative families are becoming conscious now. They have started sending their girls to school.

This is a good sign. Now the day is not far off when all the girls will be educated in India.


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