Essay on Slow and Steady Wins the Race For Students & Children

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Essay on Slow and Steady Wins the Race For Students & Children

Slow and Steady Wins the Race Essay

‘Slow and steady wins the race’ is a true saying, with the qualification that slow does not mean proceeding at a snail’s pace, but at one’s normal pace of work. The important thing is to maintain a steady pace instead of working by fits and starts.

We all know the story of the hare and the tortoise. The tortoise maintained a slow and steady pace and won the race against the hare; whereas the hare ran in fits and starts, rested on the way and raced again, and lost the race. One’s pace of working might be slow but a well-controlled and regular application is sure to yield dividends. The little gains made are the stepping stones to further success. For example. a scientist works steadily and makes discoveries in the course of his experiments. If he were to rest on the laurels of his small discoveries, he would not get that insight into his subject which a continuous application helps him to achieve. One discovery is the stepping stone for further research and further discoveries. The lives of great scientists and other great men reveal the tremendous effort continuously put in which enabled them to make their achievements.

Again, if we take the example of students studying for an examination, we would find once more that those who have been regular at their work do much better than those who merely slog in the last few days before the examination.

Slow and steady work builds confidence for one is sure of what one has achieved and what can further be achieved. For achievement is not a lottery ticket where you either get nothing at all or a gold mine. Working by fits and starts might not yield any dividends at all like the hare who lost the race: but working regularly and steadily is sure to bring one success.

Slow and steady work always tends to gather momentum. Our struggle for freedom took one hundred years to achieve, beginning with the Battle of Plassey in 1857. It gradually gathered momentum at a slow and steady pace till it culminated in a determined fight to the death to achieve the goal of independence. If the freedom fighters had rested even for a while even the minor gains would have been lost and we would not have achieved independence even in a hundred years.

Thus, slow and steady wins the race. Regularity and patience are the virtues that should be cultivated and lead one to success in every endeavour.

As Longfellow so aptly says,

The heights by great men reached and kept. Were not attained by sudden flight: But they while their companions slept, were toiling upwards in the night.’


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