Paragraph on My Favourite Book for Students & Children

We are Sharing a Paragraph on My Favourite Book in English for students and children. In this article, we have tried our best to provide a Short My Favourite Book Essay for Classes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Paragraph on My Favourite Book in English for Students & Children

Paragraph on My Favourite Book in 100 words for kids

I love books. I like reading. I have many books. I like stories. The Pancha Tantra is my favourite book. It has many interesting stories. They were written long back. A very wise man wrote them. His name is Vishnu Sharma.
These stories teach us morals. Many animals take part in the stories. They act as we people do. They are so wonderful. Damanak is the central character. He is a jackal. I have read these stories many times. I like to re-read them. They are ever new. I like to tell them to my friends. I also tell them to my younger brother.


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My Favourite Book Paragraph in 150 words

Books are the precious life-blood of authors. They are written after years of labour and patient study. Some of the books are, however, not fit to be read by good readers. I study only those books which have been worthy of study over years. There are many books which are my favourite. However, I like the tragedies of Shakespeare, the novels of Dickens, and the plays of Bernard Shaw. But, ‘Macbeth’ is my most favourite. It is written by Shakespeare. It is the story of an ambitious man. Lady Macbeth is no less ambitious. They hatch a conspiracy to kill King Ducan. They succeed but meet a tragic end. The story has been told very beautifully. The characters have been drawn in a marvelous way. I love Macbeth for its various qualities.’ It teaches that the wage of sin is death.


My Favourite Book Paragraph in 170 words

I am born in a world of books. My father has a good library and all around me, I see only books. Even when I was a child I played with books. As I grew up I began to love these books on the shelves. I could not read them, but I learned to admire the pictures in them. Now I can read and I can choose the books that I like. My father brings many storybooks for me. I like all these books, but some of these I like more than others. Of all these books I like “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ most. I have read it several times, but still, it is not old. Each story in it has a special charm for me. The more I read it the more curious I grow about Sherlock Holmes, the great detective. He is a wonderful creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. With ease, he solves mysteries His friend Dr. Watson also is wonderful.


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