Essay on Television in English Students & Children

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Essay on Television in English Students & Children

Short Television Essay for kids in 100 words

Television is one of the gems of modern science. On the T.V. we see pictures with sound. It makes things more interesting and enjoyable. A T.V. has become a must-have thing for every household. We can watch a variety of programs on the T.V. One can surf many channels on it. The range of choice is very wide. A number of movies, songs, sports, cartoons, and educational channels are available in it. But too much T.V. Watching is harmful in many ways, especially for the eyes.


Essay about Television ( 250 t0 300 )

Television is one of the great inventions of science. It is a wonderful object. We can listen as well as watch programmes on it.

Television has made an important place in our lives. It has become an indispensable part of our daily life. We cannot think of living without it. Entertainment and television have become synonyms.

Earlier people had to go to theatres, fairs etc. for entertainment. But now with T.V., it is available at their home. Various programmes are telecasted on T.V. Different serials on different channels have erased boredom from our lives. Doordarshan is one of the widespread channels on Television. It is owned by the Government of India. Besides DD there are many other private channels working, for entertaining people. Feature films, film songs and many other film-based programmes attract people. Besides these, there are other programmes. Chat shows, Analysis, Current Affairs, News based programmes are telecasted on T.V.

There are certain channels which are for news only. These channels provide news across the world. They keep on providing news round the clock. Live discussions on various issues are shown. they update us with the latest happenings and events.

Today T.V. is not only a source of entertainment but it is necessary for education also. Various universities telecast their programmes on it. These are called countrywide classrooms. Students from various places take advantage of these classes. It becomes interesting to take lessons on a T.V. screen than sitting in a classroom. Different quiz programmes are shown for the children.

T.V. has its drawbacks also. Overviewing is harmful to the eyes. Children do not go out to play. They do not do any physical exercise. Nudity, obscenity and violence leaves a bad effect on young children.

It always depends on us to use anything in a positive way. So, if viewed in limit T.V. is always helpful.


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