Essay on A Visit To a Zoo | A Visit To The Zoo Essay for Students & Children

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Essay on A Visit To a Zoo for Students & Children

A Short Essay on A Visit To a Zoo 100 words for kids

Last Sunday, I visited a zoo with my parents. First of all, we saw cranes, ducks, drakes, geese, and swans in the pond. In the large field deer, giraffes and zebras were roaming. Then we saw chimpanzees and monkeys on the trees. We were very anxious to see the lions. They were in big iron cages. We also saw jaguars and tigers with their cubs and there was a white tiger too. Then we saw elephants, crocodiles, rhinoceros and hippopotamus. We also went to see birds and there were many of those like parrots, hornbills, owls, pigeons, etc. We were very tired when e returned home.


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Essay on A Visit To a Zoo in 150 words

I live in Kolkata. There are many places of interest. The Alipore Zoo is one of them. During the last Puja holidays, I went there. I visited it with my friends. There was a large holiday crowd.

There were reptiles in huge glass cages. A python was there. It was so quiet and motionless. Next, we visited the bird section. There were many small and large cages for birds. They were twittering loudly in a chorus. There I saw a white peacock for the first time. There were many big cats. These included tigers, lions, leopards, and panthers. They were in big enclosures. Next, we saw monkeys, bears, and rhinos. The Giraffe and Kangaroo were very interesting. In a big lake, there were a lot of water birds.


A Visit To The Zoo Essay ( 250 to 300 words )

Last Sunday, we went to the Delhi Zoo. I went there with my family. We reached there at 11 o’clock.

We bought tickets and entered the zoo. We saw large enclosures. Different animals were kept in them. First of all, we saw an enclosure in which snakes were kept. They were of all sizes and colours. I saw a snake as thin as a finger and its colour was grey. Then we saw pythons. They seemed to be very big and heavy. I saw cobra snake. It is called the king of snakes. Some snakes had mouths on both ends of their bodies.

Next, we saw deer of different kinds and sizes. We saw monkeys in their enclosures. Some of them were jumping on branches. Some monkeys were enjoying bananas thrown by visitors. The next enclosure was of apes and gorillas. They were very big and huge.

In a very huge enclosure, these were lions. They were very big and looked ferocious children were feeling scared. The lions were packing to and fro in their cage.

Next, there was a tank, full of coloured fish. They were swimming in the water. Organ and whitefish were the points of attraction Children enjoyed this sight. In the next tank, we saw a crocodile basking on a rock. It went down and disappeared in the water. The next tank had beautiful ducks and swans. They were swimming merrily.

Then we saw different kinds of birds in cages. Peacocks were dancing merrily. We saw rhinoceros, chimpanzees, elephants, tigers, giraffes, and zebras. We saw beasts like panthers, leopards, etc.

It was an interesting visit. I learned a lot about animals and birds. I will never forget it.


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