Essay on An Ideal Teacher in English For Students and Children

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Essay on An Ideal Teacher in English For Students and Children


A Short Essay on An Ideal Teacher in 100 words

An ideal teacher is one who looks upon teaching as a mission and dedication. He is not much after money. He treats students as his own children. He is their true guide. He is the master of his subject. He has the right expression. He has up-to-date information on the subject. He prepares well before delivering a lecture in the class. He is a teacher outside the classroom also. He helps the students in every possible way. He is always punctual and regular. He is neither too harsh nor too lenient. He establishes personal contacts with his students. He advises them on personal problems also.


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An Ideal Teacher Essay

The noblest profession in the world is that of a teacher. A teacher is that light, which leads a nation towards a brighter future. The future of a nation is its student. The students are made by a teacher. A teacher gives direction to their lives. So, it is very important to have good teachers.

An ideal teacher is one, who possesses all the qualities of a good teacher. He is dedicated to teaching as well as learning. An ideal teacher never considers himself perfect. He is always open to new ideas and methods. For him, teaching is not his profession only, but his worship. He inspires the students with his virtues.

An ideal teacher is well qualified. He is a master of his subject. He has in-depth knowledge of his subject. He comes to his class fully prepared. He tried to teach in an interesting manner. He never makes studies a burden for students. Whatever he teaches, makes an everlasting impression on his student’s minds. They enjoy learning from him. He is always loving and friendly. Students are free to approach him. He always tried to solve their problems. He never loses his temper and never gets irritated. He inculcates good qualities in his students. He always inspires them to work hard and attain their goal.

His character and personality inspire confidence and respect in his students. He is a guiding light for his students throughout their lives. He shapes their minds, personalities, and characters in a constructive manner.

He dedicates his whole life to the service of the nation. Our culture gives him more importance than our parents. For us, our teacher is our god.


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