Essay on Education For Students & Children in English

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Essay on Education For Students & Children in English

A Short Essay on Education

Our society has made rapid progress over the last hundred years. The onus for this development goes to the rapid spread of education to almost all the sections of society. Besides making a person literate, education also opens many avenues of advancements for an individual. A person can now hope to reach the stars with the right kind of training and aptitude. However, a lot still remains to be done. Education, even in this day and age is secondary to many people. The face of education, therefore, needs to be changed if we are to bring literacy to such people. We have to make efforts to spread education and its benefits to a large number of people. Education is essential to bring them into the mainstream of the nation


Education Essay in 600 words

What is Education- The word ‘education’ is derived from the Latin word Educare, meaning ‘drawing out’; Educare implying ‘the process of nourishing’; Edu-co signifying ‘leading forth’ and education being synonymous with ‘instruction’. Generally, education signifies the process of knowing and learning and thereby sublimating the impulses for attaining wisdom. Education is systematic training and instruction to provide knowledge to and develop the skills of the person who aspires to be educated. Education is the process of drawing the best from human beings and nourishing the best in and through the physical and socio-cultural environment.

In those days, education was considered as the process of pouring on the brains of the children the bits of ready-made knowledge from outside; and the teachers were supposed to be the reservoirs of knowledge; and their task was to impose everything they knew on the child, neglecting entirely his sweet disposition, liking, aptitude, interest, need and capacity to digest the amount of education thrust upon his little immature brain. Schools were taken to be the teaching shops from where certificates could be obtained for future job security. Thus knowledge became the tool to conserve the socio-cultural heritage and to transmit it to the younger generations.

With time, the meaning of education became intellectual disciplining, and the objective was the attainment of intellectual excellence. The method was the repeated exercise on the faculties, and the discipline was rigorous. But this theory totally ignores the innate powers of an individual, and his freedom in selecting his own course of action emanated from his basic interest or propensity. Knowledge, to this concept, does not grow from within; rather it comes from without. In fact, mind, method, and content are inseparable. Everything is there in the mind, and education is only the enkindling force to bring forth the abilities from the mind.

Education is a process of formation of the mind. It obviously helps an individual to get prepared for the complete living in future. Mere information-gathering cannot be termed as ‘education’.Education implies the entire life process of an individual in the socio-cultural environment. The seeds grow into a plant, and in the long run, into a tree; so also the child grows into a man with all his latent powers unfolded. And this growing process involves the stages of elimination, selection, coordination, sublimation, etc. Thus education as a growth-oriented process can be taken as the broader concept for the purpose of effective education.

Epictetus says, “Only the educated are free.” Education enlightens a man with the bliss of knowledge. An uneducated man is ignorant, weak, and dependent on other’s wisdom.

The quality of a nation rests upon the type of teachers it has for radiating its personalities with a view to enlightening the budding spirits. So our first task is to find out a really educated and devoted teacher. Learning is a continuous process, and it becomes real when there is a meaningful meeting of the mind of a teacher and that of a pupil. Though the learner is the most important factor in the scheme of education, the teacher occupies no less an important place in the organized education pattern.

So a teacher must be a person of both head and heart. An ideal teacher’s functions do not have any limited sphere. An ideal teacher is an asset to society. Teaching, inspiring, guiding, and directing individuals, and preparing them for society through the inculcation of social values are the essential functions of a teacher; and the real education of a learner depends much on such a capable teacher.


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