Essay on Status of Women in India For Students and Children

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Essay on Status of Women in India For Students

Status of Women in India Essay ( 300 words )

In Indian culture, there is a special place for women. She is worshipped as Goddess of Power. She is considered as an incarnation of `Shakti’. But in reality, she has lost her status in a male-dominated society. She is not considered anything more than a commodity.

Women who give birth to a man being harassed by him. She is given harsh treatment. She is deprived of the right to education. She is not allowed to move out of her house and earn. She is totally dependent on the male members of her family. She has no right to decide anything.

In certain sections of our society, her birth is not considered auspicious. She is killed in her mother’s womb. This all is due to wrong practices in our society. The Dowry system is one major reason for the harassment of women. People expect big dowry from a girl’s parents. Those who are unable to give consider girls as burdens.

With modernization and awareness, the scene is changing today. Today we are talking about women’s liberalization. Certain women organizations and some good policies of our government have uplifted the status of women. Free education the girl child has brought girls to the classrooms. They are acquiring higher education. It has made them self-sufficient. Today they are earning and are financially independent.

Women have ventured into all earlier prohibited areas for them. They are flying jet planes in the sky. They are scientists. They are doctors, engineers, information technology experts, and what not? Her financial independence has added wings to her. She no more spends her days in the kitchen and looking after her kids. Today she is doing both household cores and jobs outside. She has proved that she has more worth than the males.

Today with increasing awareness and widespread education, a woman has once again become a symbol of Shakti.


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