Essay on A Visit to a Hospital for Students & Children

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Essay on A Visit to a Hospital for Students & Children

Hospital is a place where the sick and the wounded are treated. No one happily goes there. But all of us might have gone there. Hospitals are government as well as private. Government hospitals do not charge anything for the services they provide. Private hospitals charge a good amount for the treatment of their services to ill persons.

Last week I went to a government hospital to see my friend. He was admitted thereafter he met with an accident. He was going to the market when a scooter hit him. He was badly injured. He was immediately taken to the nearby government hospital. He was taken to the emergency ward. He was bleeding heavily. He was given first aid. He was then sent to the X-ray room. Where it was confirmed that he had got his leg fractured. His leg was plastered. A few stitches had to be given on his forehead. He was then shifted to the general ward.

When I went to meet him, he was asleep. The whole ward was full of patients. Some of the crying due to pain. Some were sleeping. Others seemed to be reviving. There were a few visitors in the ward. They had come to see their known ones. The nurse was looking after the patients some patients were being administered glucose.

There was a strange smell of medicines in the hospital. The hospital was neat and clean. It was the visiting hour, so there was a crowd of relatives and friends. Some relatives of the patients were standing in the corridors. Some people were looking tense. Maybe their patient might have been serious. Then I saw some people crying. Their father had died due to a heart attack. Doctors and nurses were moving in the wards.

The whole scene in the hospital was a bit depressing. Pain and suffering were everywhere. I came back from the hospital with a heavy heart.


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