Essay on A Flood Scene for Students & Children

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Essay on A Flood Scene for Students & Children

Last year, I went to Punjab in the month of August. We had gone there to our mamaji’s house. It was Rakhi, so I went there with my mother. My uncle lives in Roop Nagar. It is situated near the banks of the Satluj river. During the month of August, it had rained heavily. Throughout the month it had rained. The water level of Satluj had crossed the danger mark. It was flowing above the danger mark. So the people living in the nearby low-lying areas had been told to vacate their houses.

On the next day of Rakhi, the river started overflowing. The water entered the low-lying villages. The water was quickly rising in the streets. People started leaving their houses. Panic spread everywhere. People started coming on their roofs. Some villages were badly affected.

The government machinery swung into action. It was pressed into rescue operations. Boats were made available to vacate the villages. People were loading their valuables in the boats. They were being taken to the dry and safe areas. Animals were the worst hit. Many of them could not be saved.

There were relief camps in the safe areas to help flood-affected people. Teams of doctors and nurses were there to give medical treatment. They were providing first aid to the suffering people. Efforts were being made to stop an epidemic. It continued to rain heavily. Many voluntary organizations jumped into the rescue operation. Food shelter and clothing were being provided to the flood-hit people. Every effort was being done to make them feel comfortable.

The whole operation continued for some days. The rain stopped then after some days. The water started receding. Rail and road transportation started once again. We were also able to come back to our house.


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