Essay on Cow in English for Students & Children

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Essay on Cow in English for Students & Children

Cow Essay for kids in 100 words

The cow is a pet and a very calm animal. It is found almost everywhere in the world. It is a very useful animal. It has four legs, two horns, two ears, and a long tail. It is found in many colours like white, black, brown, etc. It is of different breeds. It eats grass and straws. It gives us milk. Its milk is very good for health. A lot of things like, butter, ghee, cheese, paneer, cream, sweets, etc. are made out of milk. It does not harm anybody and is thus loved by everyone.


Essay on Cow 15 lines ( 150 words )

The cow is a four-footed animal with slender legs. Its body is big and fat. It defends itself with its sharp horns against its enemies. Her long tail keeps off the flies. Her flat feet do not let her slip. Cows of many colours are found all over the world. The American cows are much bigger in size than the Indian cows. The cow lives on green fodder, hay, straw, and gram. Its milk is the best for the sick and the infants. Ghee, butter; cheese, curd, and sweets are made from its milk. The cow dung is used for coating floors and walls. It is also used as manure. Its cakes are used as fuel. Its calves become oxen. They plough the fields, draw water from wells and drag the carts. The hides ad bones of the dead cows are also useful.


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