Essay on A Magic Show For Students & Children in English

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Essay on A Magic Show For Students & Children in English

A Magic Show Essay in English

Last Sunday, the famous magician, Lagos visited our town. He showed his magic tricks in the town hall.

The hall was packed to capacity when the magician arrived. He was wearing a strange flowing dress with a tufted crown on his head. He was also holding a golden wand in his hand.

The magician had been late by about half an hour but nobody minded it as everybody was waiting for him eagerly.

The magician asked the audience, “For how long have I been lately?” He was told that he was late by half an hour.

Then the magician said, “No, I’m not late. I’m on time. Just look at your watches.”

We were amazed to see that the watches of all the persons in the hall showed the appointed time.

Then the magician brought out innumerable things from his mouth before swallowing some of them. Some of them were marbles, iron pieces, a long rope, a handkerchief, an acid bottle, and so many other things.

To our great surprise, the magician just with the waving of his wand changed an egg into a pigeon and a handkerchief into a flower. He changed the number of a currency note. He was able to transfer the Principal’s bank credit card from his pocket into the pocket of the last man sitting in the hall.

He showed many more tricks. He continued all along muttering st some magic words. The people gave him money liberally. A show was over, every man went home happy and surprised.


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