Essay on A Rainy Day in English For Students & Children

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Essay on A Rainy Day in English For Students & Children

Short Essay on The Rainy Day in 100 words

It was the month of July. The weather was very hot and humid. The sky was cloudless. But soon the clouds came rolling and it began to rain heavily. It was a welcome rain for everyone. Many people were caught in the rain. They took shelter here and there. Some preferred to walk in the rain. Children came out of their houses. They were so excited that they started running and dancing in the rain. They played with the paper-boats. As soon as I reached home, I too, went to the terrace to get wet. It was a pleasant day.


Short Essay | Paragraph on Rainy Day in 150 words

A hot day is very troublesome. But a rainy day in summer is a great blessing. A rainy day in summer is a great blessing and is eagerly awaited by all and sundry. It was the month of June, the hottest month of the year. The summer was in full swing. It was intensely hot. Everybody was perspiring from head to foot. There was no rest. By half-past ten it became unbearably hot. It was too hot to go out. In a short span of time dark cloud appeared in the sky. Soon the whole sky was overcast with clouds. It flashed and thundered. At first, it began to drizzle. Soon it began to rain cats and dogs. It hailed as well. There was water everywhere. The streets were also filled with water. They looked like canals. Some people were overtaken by the rain while going hither and thither. They got wet and began to shiver with cold. The traffic was held up. The roads became slippery. The roofs of many houses began to leak. People witness a rainbow in the sky. Farmers welcomed the rain.


A rainy day Essay ( 150 to 250 words )

Rain is a blessing bestowed by God on mankind. If there were no rains, probably there would be no life on earth.

Still, rain is not an unmixed blessing. Sometimes, it causes inconvenience, particularly to workers, office-goers, students, and poor people.

Rain is usually welcomed after a spell of hot summer days, provided it is not given by the Almighty in an excessive dose.

Yesterday was a rainy day. For the whole one week, people had been feeling tormented due to intense heat and had been praying to God Indra to be merciful. So, the rain was quite welcome.

As I got up early in the morning, I felt the wafts of cool breeze which had sprung up.

I came out of my house. I was. thrilled to find large heaps of woolen black and white clouds floating in the sky.

Soon, drizzling started. Not very late, there emerged a heavy own-pour. Some people who had thought that drizzling would continue for some time more, were as if taken unawares.

Many people were drenched. Soon the streets and ponds were flooded with water. The clouds thundered and the lightning flashed profusely.

Children began to float paper-boats on water. Some houses began to leak. The wage-earners lost the day. There was thin attendance in offices, schools, and colleges.

In the afternoon, the rain stopped. I come out of my house. I found some people having folded umbrellas in their hands. The roads were slippery. Many persons fell down.

Frogs croaked in ponds. Trees looked greener and fresher. A beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky in the evening.


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