Essay on Holi in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Holi in English For Students & Children

Holi essay in English 100 words for class 2,3,4

Holi is also called the festival of colours. It is celebrated in the spring season, mostly in the month of March. People enjoy Holi by throwing colours at each other. In the Hindu religion, this day is considered new year’s day. They make merry and sweets are served to the guests. A large group of people can be seen singing and dancing. People embrace each other to wish ‘Happy Holi’. Holi of Mathura and Vrindavan are very famous. It is associated with Lord Krishna and Radha. Even enemies become friends on this day.


Essay on Holi Festival for class 9,10 ( 250-300 words )

Holi is one of the important festivals of the Hindus. It is called the festival of colours. All people look forward to this festival with great joy.

It falls in Fagun between February and March. There is a story about the origin of this festival. Prahlad was a great worshipper of Lord Vishnu. His father Hiranyalcashyap, hated Vishnu. He tried to Prahlad from worshipping Vishnu. But he failed. He tried to kill his son for this. He tried many ways to kill him but failed. His sister Holika was blessed with a boon that fire could not burn her. Hiranyakshayap asked his sister to enter the fire with Prahlad in her lap. Holika was burnt in fire and Prahlad came out unhurt. So, people started celebrating this event. Since then, it is celebrated every year.

It is the beginning of harvest season. Farmers are very happy. Their hearts are full of joy. They roast new corns in the fire and distribute them among friends and relatives.

A night before the festival a huge fire is made. Women offer sweet and ‘ Samagri’ to the fire. They pray for a healthy and prosperous new year. The next day people smear the ash of the fire on their heads with a respect to fire. Then they go to smear colours on each other. Sweets are distributed. Women prepare goonjiah at home.

In the morning, people start playing with colours. They become wild with joy. They come out in the streets in groups. They\clance on the beat of a drum. Throw colours on each other. Everybody looks colourful and funny. They keep on visiting their friends and playing with colours throughout the day.

There are certain bad practices that are associated with Holi. People throw mud and dirty water at each other. This, sometimes, give rise to quarrels. People sometimes misbehave with women.

Chemicals and paints and muddy slushes are used. These cause skin and eye diseases. Water balloons cause accidents.

Holi should be played gracefully and dirty practice should be avoided.


Holi Essay in English in 400 words

Holi is one of the most famous festivals of India. It is particularly the festival of north India. It is generally celebrated in the month of March every year.

Holi is, in particular, a festival most loved by little children, though the young people and the grown-ups also participate in it in big ways.

It is said that once there was a cruel king, Hiranyakasha yap who asked the people to worship him and never mention the name of God. Hiranyakashyapa’s own son Prahlad, disobeyed him and worshipped God instead of his father. The cruel king asked the child Prahlad to sit in the lap of his sister Holika, that is, his aunt. Holika was in league with her brother, the king.

Holika had been blessed by some supernatural power that she could not be burnt even by fire. Holika decided to sit on a heap of burning twigs with Prahlad in her lap. She thought, as per the boon, she could not catch fire, but Prahlad would get burnt.

Holika was wrong and so was the king. A strange thing happened. Holika got burnt, but the fire could not burn Prahlad. He was saved by God.

Since then started the practice of celebrating the Holi festival every year.

On this day, people throw gulal and colourful water on one another in a mood of great joviality. Some people smear powdered colour on each other’s faces in the same mood. Children specifically feel very happy in doing so.

It is very clear that Holi is a sacred festival like Diwali, Dussehra, and other festivals. It is for this reason that generally on this day, people of different communities participate on a large scale. They greet and hug each other lovingly. They not only throw colours and flowers at each other but also exchange sweets.

However, it is pitiable that some people throw mud, cow-dung, Mobil oil, and such things on others.

They spoil the true spirit of the festival as such activities lead to quarrels.

Let us observe Holi as a festival of love, universal brotherhood, and goodwill among individuals and communities.


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