In the education system, is the assessment through formal written examination still valid

PTE/IELTS Academic solved Essay In the education system, is the assessment through formal written examination still valid?


The evaluation method to judge a student’s performance has always been a major topic for debate. Some people believe that evaluation through continuous assessment and project work is the perfect way to assess while others believe that formal written assessment which has been followed for decades is the best way to evaluate. This essay will discuss both approaches in detail.

The formal written assessment is the pre-planned methods by which teachers assess the learning abilities of a student which they have learned throughout their course by conducting written examinations. This is done by providing them homework and the main evaluation is done by analyzing a student’s memory. It also provides an insight into the students grasping power and other cognitive abilities. It teaches them to handle stress and anxiety which every student faces before the examination.

On the contrary, others believe that the continuous assessment method is the updated method of assessment and compatible with today’s world. it includes course work by giving projects to students in order for them to have a practical knowledge of the task at hand. They also help to analyze the student’s logical reasoning, communication skills, and presentation skills.

Today all schools and colleges are adopting both the approaches to find out the winner out of the two. It has been observed that students are likely to develop their skills at a progressive rate with the help of projects and assignments.. it is also making them more attentive In class whereas in formal assessment students preferred to study at the last minute before the examination.

To conclude I believe that the advantages of the continual assessment outweigh that of formal assessment as it makes the students to adopt a practical approach rather than a theoretical approach. So the assessment through the formal written examination is not valid in today’s context.


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