Academic Solved Essay Some people believe laws change human behavior

Some people believe laws change human behavior. Do you agree with it?


Some people argue Laws changes human behavior whereas some disagree. Do you agree with it?


Law certainly changes human behavior and that has been the genesis of law. In ancient time kings and Egyptian pharaohs would implement the law to keep their subjects under control and to get them to obey the command of the king and pharaohs. We see an extension of that in the modern society.

Law is required to ensure the general safety of every individual living in a society. It helps to assure that all individuals irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex are safe in a country and they are all deemed equal in the eyes of the law. But law often overlooks the personal freedom of individuals of the society. It hampers personal freedom, the right to information, freedom of speech and self-expression. Law violates its purpose when it steps into the personal well-being of individuals and families in a society.

Law and justice are always at odds with each other. Laws may be followed and obeyed but may not always be served. This is because laws created by lawmakers are flawed and corrupt individuals take full advantage of the loop holes to bend laws as per their whim.

There are laws against drunk driving, but often in India, in such cases, the offender is not severely punished. There are laws against honor killing, dowry deaths, murder, robbery, financial fraud, indecency, and more. The law in all such instances is present to extract a mature, noble and humane behavior from individuals and society at large. Law regulates human behavior to an extent that in the presence of such strict laws many more heinous crimes would occur at rampant and on a larger scale. This would make running a normal civilized society impossible.

This law, although flawed in its execution, is still relevant in modern societies as it was centuries ago. It enforces the humanness in each individual.


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